April 6, 2012

WAH: Write For WAG - Serious Dog Lovers Wanted!

WAG is an online publication covering the intersection of personal finances and the dog lover's lifestyle. They are looking for freelance writers who would like to get paid for contributing feature articles and guides.

Feature articles are published several times a week on the site. These articles focus on specific topics related to finances and dogs. Payment for featured articles is $45/article (850-1200 words with accompanying photo.)

Guides are published less frequently and take a deep exploration of a large topic related to finances and dogs. Payment for guides (5000-8000 words) will depend upon the contribution.

How To Apply:

Send an email to articles@dog-bank.com with clear answers to the following questions:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Have you written for Wag in the past?
  • Link to online writing samples
  • Type of article you are pitching (Feature article or Guide)
  • Proposed Article Title
  • Description of Article (less than 100 words please)
  • Article Outline
  • Why are you the right person to write this article?

An editor will contact you if they are interested. They will send you a Writer's Agreement which includes a recap of your article assignment, details and their standard terms and conditions. You will submit your signed copy of the agreement...and get started!

 If your article is accepted, write your article and send it to us when it is complete. When complete, you can email you article to articles@dog-bank.com as a Word document, or embedded in the body of your email. Please submit your photos as .jpeg files. Please also include a 50-word bio, and let them know if you would like them to publish your email address in the credits.

You can read the complete terms for becoming a writer with WAG on their website, and download the complete writer's guidelines and application guide there also.

WAG website (www.dog-bank.com)

Good Luck!

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