May 19, 2012

How To Make Money With WeGoLook

Have you heard of WeGoLook yet?

WGL is an online platform, launched in 2010, that currently has  over 7,000 Nationwide “Looker® Inspectors” (background check verified)  who go look at items on behalf of interested buyers.

Generally, Lookers make sure items listed for sale are actually available, and verify the condition of items. They will take pictures of the item, note the condition, and will then upload pictures and write a report.

As WGL Looker, you may also do visits to check on real estate, cars, items listed on eBay, vacation homes, etc.

How Much Do Lookers Make?

WeGoLook pays $25 and up for each completed assignment via PayPal (preferred,) check or ACH.

Other details:

In general, you will have 48 consecutive hours (not business hours) to  perform the observation once you accept an assignment.  For all assignments, you must upload the pictures and the report to the website within 8 consecutive calendar hours of making the observation.

All Looker agents are independent contractors, so you will need to carefully read and understand all terms regarding payments and taxes outlined in your Independent Contractor Agreements.

Applicants must be 21 years of age and older.

Check out WeGoLook to see if this might be another stream of income you are interested in adding to your list.

Good Luck!

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