June 13, 2012

WAH: Mom Bloggers Outreach

Wanted: Mom bloggers that have relationships in blogging social circles.

A company that is currently trying to grow their brand in this niche needs traffic and links from blogs in the industry. They will be paying  mom bloggers to guest post, or write an article on other mom blogs. 

You will be paid $15 per published guest post.

{From the company} Here is the breakdown of the process: 

1. We give you a list of blogs to reach out to for a guest post
2. You email them and read their guest posting guidelines if they have them
3. You write a blog post based upon the topic of their blog (with a link to our site in the author bio)
4. As soon as you get an approval to publish your article on their blog, let me know and we will email you the links that I want in the author bio
5. The article you wrote gets published on their site and we pay you via Paypal

This will also help you gain exposure because you may use your name in the author bio for each article. 

If interested, send an email to:  ngtsz-3072991149@gigs.craigslist.org.

Good Luck!

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