July 16, 2012

WAH: Freelance Writing Jobs at Sylvane.com

Sylvane.com is looking to hire freelance writers to join their team. These are 100% freelance positions, and you should be comfortable coming up with your own ideas for articles.

What Topics You Will Write About:

Topics and categories will include: indoor air quality, airborne allergies & asthma, green living, DIY home improvement projects (involving any air systems - air purification, dehumidification, heating, air conditioning, etc), and energy efficiency within the home.

What They Are Looking For In Writers:

You have an original and clear blogging voice You have 2 years of experience writing or blogging professionally
You are passionate about any of the following: respiratory health (airborne allergies, asthma), energy efficiency, DIY home improvement, or heating and air conditioning related topics
You have an ability to produce quality, engaging content, creative headlines, and snappy titles
You LOVE grammar, and you involuntarily cringe when you see "your" used in place of "you're"
You must have at least 3 links to high quality published work.

"We're specifically searching for bloggers and publicity experts that have experience with guest posting on popular blogs and publishing their articles on popular content sites with multiple contributing authors (freelance sites, ad revenue sharing sites, etc). We're looking for authors who are already contributing their own content, and we’re going to pay you extra for the articles you’re already writing."

About Getting Paid:

These are ongoing paid freelance positions. Exact payment terms are not provided.

Want to Apply?

Send an information-packed paragraph describing yourself along with 3-5 links to your best published work, and list 3 blogs or content sites on which you could publish articles to create publicity for us. Also if applicable, include links to one or two of your social profiles (Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc). 

Email above to:  jobs@sylvane.com.

Please do not send resumes or generic cover letters. 

Good Luck!

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