July 15, 2012

WeightLoss.org: Get Paid Weekly to Chronicle Your Weight Loss

If you have recently decided to begin a weight loss regimen, WeightLoss.org wants to pay you for posting weekly updates on your journey. You must be willing to commit to at least four months of weekly contributions chronicling your weight loss progress (or lack thereof) on a diet of your choosing.

Please Note: This is not a race to see who can lose the most the fastest. WeightLoss.org does not endorse any one diet, nor is it responsible for any health issues that may arise from your weight loss journey. They want to highlight your success to inspire readers across the country to realize their own dreams of leading a fit and healthy life.

**Published writing experience is not necessary to participate in this opportunity.**

Writer Requirements:
a. Logging losses or gains in weight which will be charted and attached to your personal profile, Starting weight and a preferred weight loss goal of 20+ pounds must be listed!
b. Tracking you exercise regimen (if any)
c. Highlighting exciting, healthful meals (pictures are encouraged!) or indulgent setbacks. Honesty is essential!
d. Preference will be given to participants who are willing to take monthly picture updates in clothes that can visually demonstrate progress in front facing and profile photos. They can obscure faces in photos as requested. You'll be referred to on a first name and last initial basis only.
e. Writers will be required to write a brief bio on themselves including how they got to their current weight and how they garnered the determination to shed the pounds.
f. Should be able to commit to at least 4 months of weekly blog posts.
g. Applicants that demonstrate interest in promoting their blog through their social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.) will certainly catch our attention. Also, sharing with friends and family can keep spirits high and encourage you to achieve your goals!

Payments: Writers will be paid $30 per post on a weekly basis through PayPal.

How to Apply:
Send an email detailing your writing experience and diet of choice. **Published writing experience is not necessary to participate in this opportunity.** Just impress them with your email application proving you've got a solid grasp on the English language (and mastered the art of spell check)! Please include why you think you'd be great for this opportunity and explain how determined you are to stick to your goals.

Also, clearly define your diet plan by name.

Email to: 3jb9v-3137033014@job.craigslist.org

Good Luck!

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