September 24, 2012

Earn Some Extra Cash With Jingit!

Jingit is a new way to earn a little extra money from home or when you do your grocery shopping. You earn real money, in real time, and what you earn gets added to your debit card so you can do what you want with the money.

To sign up with Jingit, simply sign in with your existing Facebook account, then complete the 30 second registration process and start earning. You make money by watching ads online and giving your feedback to leading brands by taking brief surveys.

You can also earn money using your smart phone or tablet. Plus, you can download Jingit's app and earn even more by checking in at your favorite stores.

You can transfer the money in your account to your Jingit Visa Debit Card, and then spend it however you choose.

Learn more about Jingit and start earning extra cash today!

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