September 21, 2012

Home and Garden Writing Jobs at eHow

eHow Home and Garden has a call out for Do-It-Yourself  Home and Garden Experts.  Payments are generally
$15 per 300-word article. All payments are issued through PayPal twice a week. When you claim an assignment, you will always see the pay rate clearly displayed.

**eHow Home will look for at least one of these qualities to be reflected in your resume**

  • Firsthand experience in one or more of the home or garden topics (check the list below!)
  • Experience writing on any of the above home or garden topics
  • College degree in journalism, English or communications
  • Degree or certification in any home or garden area

Garden Topics include:

gardening basics,
plant care,
indoor plants, 
gardening tools and equipment 
garden projects and crafts.

Home topics include:

home design and d├ęcor, 
home organization, 
holiday crafts and projects

Also, your writing sample you submit with your application is very important when it comes to deciding if you are a good fit. Some of the qualities they will look for when reading your sample article:

  • Spelling!! Check and check again for spelling/grammar errors before submitting your article!
  • Style of Writing should be clear, concise.
  • Keep the article simple and not overloaded with technical jargon and colloquial wording.

Learn more about freelance writing jobs for eHow Home and Garden - you can apply online if you are interested (you will need your resume!) 

Good Luck!

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