January 16, 2013

Paid Forum Posting at Wired Flame

Get paid to post on forums that you find interesting when you sign up with Wired Flame. It seems easy enough to get started, though you do need to go through their application process. When you are signed up, you can start posting and getting paid right away!

More Details/Payments

After you create your Wired Flame account, your next step will be to fill out the Writer Application form which a Wired Flame administrator will personally verify and approve your application.

You can then find forums on the Wired Flame network that you find interesting contribute valuable well-written posts. And start earning money!

Wired Flame pays $0.15 USD for each thread and $0.12 USD for each post. Payments will be made every Friday. Be aware that all posts and threads are manually verified by administrators, and they may delete any posts they feel do not meet the posting guidelines. So you will only be able to withdraw money paid for your posts that have already been verified and approved.

Want to learn more about paid forum posting? Visit WiredFlame now to get started!

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