July 8, 2013

About.com Seeking Writers

About.com is looking for experienced writers to join their team. These are work at home - independent contractor positions.

Anyone applying to be a Guide with About.com must have previous online writing experience in their area of expertise.

Initially, new writers will get paid per article published. There will be a maximum of articles you may write each month (said to be around eight articles), however that number may increase as your reading audience grows.

All writers with About will enter a contract agreement that outlines exact payment terms, publishing guidelines and copyright licensing.

To be hired, you must first fill out an initial application. If that is approved, you will move on in the hiring process to a two stage assessment period which lasts about 4 weeks or so. Once you pass all steps, you will be offered an independent contractor position with About.

To learn more about this job, visit beaguide.about.com

Good Luck!

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