August 14, 2007


Today I worked on setting up my adsense account. Finally got it going ( took me longer than most, I'm sure!). I am trying to read as much as I can about blogging, advertising, adsense, links, marketing, etc....!! Ugh....sometimes it gets overwhelming....but after a break ( or two ),I managed to get refocused and read more. What is hard right now is managing to spend time with my children, and supervise them, and still pop on the computer enough to work. I am hopeful that in time things will be more organized and I will not be so crazed. Here's to hoping!!

Online money making wise:
I am doing Crash Crate, and so far enjoying it. Will update and give a better review of this site as more time is spent on it, and hopefully my checks start to come in.

Stay tuned for my "baby steps" progress!!


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