August 15, 2007

More Baby Steps....

OK...this is what I did today as I continue my attempts to become a successful wahm:

first, I listed my blog with the blog directory known as TECHNORATI. From what I am reading about blogging, it is important to get your blog on directories to increase traffic to your blog. Technorati is mentioned everywhere....apparently that is the one directory you want to make sure your blog is listed on.
I will give my impressions and insights into directories, in particular this one, as I learn more about them myself!

second: I signed up to Pay Per Post....a site that "connects bloggers and advertisers". I haven't done much except sign up, and try to read about how it all works, but it does look interesting. More to follow.

third: I have signed up with Mineral Girlz. It looks like a good company with excellent possibilities to earn money. This will also have followup coming.

Besides getting signed up with these sites, I mostly read and researched. Time was limited today as crying and fighting, and general boredom amongst "the natives" kicked in to high gear! ACK.

I will be adding links, etc., as soon as time allows....keep checking back as I take more steps towards success!!

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