September 29, 2007

Ebooks, ..ever thought about making one?

I have often come across sites where ebooks are either offered free or are sold. I have been curious about ebooks, and how they are created and published. There is a site, that you can create and publish your ebooks. In fact, you can self-publish any book you have written. I have read on forums and boards about this site, and apparently many people use it and have good experiences. I have this site on my "to do" list ( which is getting oh so long), and can't wait to jump in and find out more!

For today I plan to write 3-4 articles and submit them. I also plan to write 2 more reviews. The reviews only take about 10 minutes to if I am ambitious enough, I may do more. I am still awaiting approval on my first review that I submitted yesterday. I read on the forums at shared reviews that they are working around the clock but they are backed up, and to be patient. So I will be patient. The last thing on my agenda for today will be working on my gpt sites. Tomorrow is the last day of the month (wow!) and I want to get my balances up as much as possible by tomorrow. Next month's checks will be determined by my balances at the end of this I am going to put some extra crunch time in tonight and tomorrow!!

I will be setting my goals for the coming week, and checking back on this week to see how I did with my goals. I hope to have a post on this sometime during the weekend.

Off to a busy Saturday ( and we have a birthday party to go to as well today!)...what are your busy plans for today??

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