September 28, 2007

Shared Reviews........ updates!!

I submitted my first review today at Shared Reviews. I am still waiting to see if it gets accepted. I did some more reading on the site also. The forum is a good source of information, and the staff seem to be really good about answering questions quickly. It seems that there are still bumps and such to be worked out because it is such a new site. However, it looks like the administration is working hard to get everything running smoothly. And they do answer questions that members post on the forum quickly....always a good sign. Members are definitely getting paid thru paypal.....another very good thing. Apparently it works something like this: when you have a total of 5 approved reviews, which equals $10, the Powers That Be will deposit that $10 into your paypal account. Every Friday by midnight, accounts are reviewed and if there are 5 approved reviews, you should see your payment that night or Saturday morning. If you haven't earned the $10 by Friday midnight, you don't get paid, but there is always next Friday, right? The review process itself is easy....and takes about 10 minutes, max. So, I will await my review's approval or, shudder, non-approval, and report here.
So, tomorrow I will have updates and will be reviewing my past week's progress, or maybe lack of??? Tune in to find out. You know you want to know!!


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