September 22, 2007

GPT Site sent my payment!

I got paid today!! Yep, I got a check in the mail from Cashcrate. I'm not rich, lol, and I am not going on a shopping spree anytime soon, but I am happy. I know that this site really works, and I can make money. I am going to invest some more time on this site and a couple of other sites as well. I only have done the 100% free offers because I am a bit hesitant to do the credit card trials....I doubt I am organized enough to cancel free trials. If you do decide to put some time in at gpt site,and try the larger offers with free trials, the best advice I have gotten is to use a credit card that you prepay and buy at the store. Document the trial period's cancel by date, and if you stay organized and cancel trial memberships on time, you can make pretty good money. These are my favorite GPT sites:
Cashcrate and Treasuretroopers. There is a brand new GPT site that I joined last week, called piggybankcash
I am enjoying all these sites, and am expecting a check from Treasure Troopers any day now also, but it will be larger than cashcrate because I spent more time on that site. Between my gpt sites and my writing at associated content, I am going to earn about $700 this month....for me, that is exciting. And I hope to keep increasing my work at home income each month!!
So, for today, my goal is three articles and about an hour total tonight of GPT time.

Happy Saturday it raining where you are? We are enjoying our first rain storm....fireplace time!

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