September 20, 2007

More about Send Out Cards....and too much computer time?

OK. So I think my 10 month old is trying to tell me something. Something like "get off the computer mom!". I say this because he crawled over to my desk today, and quietly pushed the button on my computer (maybe I should move it?)and off went my computer...monitor went dark...and I did not even know why at first. Not until I looked down and saw my cutiepie sitting and grinning, as if he really knew what he had done. Could he? Anyway, he actually chuckled, and crawled off again to explore more fun things. Ack..too much time on the computer for mommy? ....maybe!

I have been reading more on the company, . So far, I am reading all good stuff. I have checked out some reviews, and all have been positive thus far. I am still not sure if I will become an affiliate or not. I am pretty busy these days as it is, but I'm thinking if I get more organized sometime in the near future, I would like a business that I can run from home that I can rely on long-term, and not have to actively work it everyday either. I like the concept of send out cards...they offer personal and business products, which is unique. You can run and promote the business online or offline. And chances are, that a customer that joins will be a customer for a very long time. A review you can read is at
. Keep watching here for my updates on this company also.

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