September 18, 2007

Send out Cards.....a possible wahm opportunity

I have been reading about a work at home opportunity that sounds very interesting and honest. It is called Send Out Cards. In a nutshell, this is a business that allows people to send greeting cards to family, friends, and business contacts in less than 60 seconds. Customers can choose cards from a catalog of over 8,000 cards or they can create their own.
You can become a distributor and basically claim ownersip to a full service Greeting Card On Demand Service. There are costs to this opportunity, basically you will run your own business though, so it's not bad. I am really interested, and am researching as much as I can about this company, and will give updates. The website is If you are looking to find a business that you can be in charge of, and can afford the set up costs, this could be worth checking out.

I have been doing my writing yesterday and today, but need to spend some quality time with my GPT sites and with my make-up business, Mineral Girlz. I have neglected them for much of this month. I plan to have updates tomorrow on both my GPT sites and Mineral Girlz.

A quick recap of my wahm sources that I earn money with daily are:

Associated Content
Treasure Troopers

I have links on the sidebar for these sites if you'd like to check any out. As always, I highly recommend Associated Content. There is no referral system, you simply write and get paid. You are in control of how much you work and when. Payments are through paypal and do not take very long. I usually have a payment in my paypal account within 2 weeks or less of writing an article. I now have transfers from paypal to my bank account happening a couple of times a week! I am very happy with this site and plan to have a long relationship with it! Remember, there is NO referral you can safely assume I really love this site and am sharing about it so much because I believe strongly that this is one of the best work at home opportunities for moms bar none. You probably won't get rich, but you can absolutely make a decent income.

OK...I am getting off my AC podium now, and am going to relax and watch the Big Brother Finale. I will be updating with more wahm sites and information till then....enjoy your evening!

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