September 25, 2007

Work From Home With LiveOps

Liveops is an on demand call center that offers you the opportunity to become an independent contractor and run your business as an independent agent that works from home. Now, I have not actually tried this company or signed up. But I have heard alot about them, and they seem to be a legitimate and reliable company. If you would like more information, the website is

There is a fun informative new blog in the blogosphere...eWoobie. They offer information on a lot of topics, of course one being on working from home. They will be adding more information frequently, so check them out!

I have been very busy with my GPT sites and my writing. I have also submitted my first
article to, and I was notified that it was accepted and published today. I hope to submit one enzine article a week. We shall see. Busy week so far....and I know it will get busier..That's a good thing, right?

Off tonight to watch Dancing With The Stars!! Men are dancing tonight...Yippee!!

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