September 16, 2007

working at home is like a rollercoaster ride

Up and down....that is the best way to describe this journey I am on. I am up one minute, planning my next steps, and just as fast, be back down. Ugh. Oh well, it is still a fun ride and I'm staying on it.

So, first tings first. I did not reach my goal of 7-10 articles yesterday. But I got halfway there. It bothered me, but then with some reflection, I realized that I did do the best I could with taking care of my kids by myself ( hubby was gone all day at work )and everything else that came up during the day. So, I gave myself a break. I decided I will complete my writing goal today. Eh, so it will be 7-10 articles this weekend goal.

I am going to submit to a few more directories today as well. I am going to set my goals for the coming week, and reflect on this past week, and post tonight (that is MY PLAN anyway!) It is Sunday and that means family's a beautiful Sunday to boot. I see some park time in our day!

Till later, enjoy Sunday!!

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