September 17, 2007

wahm goals for this week

Last night I had fun. Watched some Big Brother, and most of the Emmy Awards. Later this morning I am going to write two articles covering those shows for AC.

So, yesterday I worked on my goals for this week.

First, I want to have a bit more of a structured schedule for myself and the kids. I have a serious problem with too strict of a schedule, or with plans, for that matter. I always have. But I do want a more generalized idea of how I want my day to go, mainly so I don't let myself get caught up in work and spend less time with my kids. Also because when I do get to sit down at the computer, I want to have some clear plan of what to do first, so I don't get overwhelmed and actually accomplishvery little. Basically, I want to be more organized and time efficient, right?

Second, I want to do another blog carnival. I want to participate in at least one every week. There are so many amazing women blogging...I could easily sit and read and comment all day. Great stuff out there in the blogosphere... funny, mind-provoking, serious, challenging, and on and on.

Third, I am going to read more about adsense, and try to figure out some better strategies with it.

Fourth, I am going to check out 1-2 WAHM oppportunities each week so I can report about them and let anyone who might be interested know about them.

And fifth, I am going to get up at 5:30 every morning (maybe not weekends!), so I can get some quality time with my computer before my kids get up. That way, I can be with my kids doing breakfast, school run, playtime, etc. for a couple of hours with less stress. I will be updating on this...I am not a good morning person...ugh. I just know I will be so happy to have that time to myself and will be able to accomplish so much more. Coffee ready!

Ok..that's it for now....Happy Monday!!

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