September 10, 2007

working at home

I am considering myself as an official working mommy. Working at home mommy, that is. I am making money, not lots, but some, and I definetly am working everyday, so alas, I feel confident in refering to myself as a wahm. And I love it! I have such a long way to go, but I don't care. This venture makes me feel stonger and more confident. I am reading more, engaging more, and sharing more than I have in a long time. There is now more to my day than diapers, sticky sippy cups, and temper tantrums. Yes, there is me!

So, an update. I have been focusing most of my attention on my writing this past weekend. I know I said I would be focusing on getting traffic to my blog, but bills encouraged me to spend a few more hours on my writing articles, and that brought in some much needed cash! If you still haven't checked out associated content, I urge any mommy now to go to that site and check it out! I love it. I have not done much this past weekend with the gpt sites, but even without my "working" on them, I had two referrals join under my existing referrals...and so my referral$$ grows! Fun!

Today I did concentrate a little bit more on my blog again. I registered with and with Both are wonderful places to go to "meet" other moms, and explore all kinds of blogs written by women. All kinds of topics and disscussions can be found at these sites. Check them out!
And, yea!, I submitted my first entry ever into a blog carnival! I will go into the details of the blog carnival tomorrow, as I am excited about this opportunity and want to share with any interested mommy bloggers that may not be aware of blogging carnivals ( I hope I am not the ONLY Internet novice around??). Now, my husband and kids are beseeching me to return to the land of family. HEHE. Now that I am actually "working", they are missing me so much more! Or is it a clean house and dinner they are missing?? Hmmm....
Till tomorrow!

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