September 6, 2007

wahm progress report

In the last couple of weeks, these are the steps I've taken on my journey to become a successful wahm:

started this blog
registered my blog with some directories, but need to add more
incorporated adsense in my blog
signed up with Amazon Associates
joined bloglog, but still in process of incorporating onto my blog
updated my blog frequently

earning money online

I am still doing my other stuff online to keep cashflow coming in, which I really want to use to develop my blogging! So everyday I am doing:

treasure troopers
( check it out if you don't know this gpt's a good one!)
associated content. This is my favorite source of making decent immediate cash right now! I can honestly say that I have cah deposits into my checking account every week just from this site. Definetly worth anyone's time to stop by and check it out!!
payperpost...I've signed up, but have not had time yet to do anything with this site.

And, some of the steps I'll be taking very soon:

I am going to start participating in blog carnivals ( details to follow)
network and socialize
start a new blog
register with more directories
concentrate on adding more blog entries with lots of good tips, information and valuable content all around!
read as much as I can from the wonderful bloggers out there, and soak up their wisdom
(I have done a lot of reading already, and will post about some great blogs for anyone starting a blog of their own to check out.
I am going to be developing a niche I have in mind,but I need to learn more first about niches in general...ack! But I do have an to figure out how to implement it!

My main priority over the next two weeks is to build traffic to my blog! I am going to focus every morning on this task first.

My main challenge: Trying to balance working with spending time with my kids. I find myself spending more and more time on the computer, and less with my kids. Exactly the opposite of my original intentions! So I need to work on my patience...things may have to wait sometimes. I definetly will be organizing my time better, and I am going to try and work more during naptimes and after bedtimes, and early in the morning.

My number one tip for this week: Read Steve Pavlina's blog @www.
I found Steve's link at another great site, Happy Reading!!

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