October 17, 2007

Alpine Access

Here is a link to this company for anyone interested. I have not worked for this company so I don't have any experience to offer, but if you are interested, do your homework and check them out. My only reason for not really persuing this kind of employment is that my kids are way too noisy, lol, so I doubt I could find quiet time to be a home agent. But if you have kids in school/daycare, this could possibly be worth checking out. Crystal, a mom with a blog atWork From Home Facts
also commented about the same drawback of having a noisy background when she was working for West At Home Thanks for sharing, Crystal! If you do work as an at home agent for a company like West or Alpine Access or have applied, please share your experiences, thanks!!

At Alpine Access, we deliver our ACE™ philosophy to our home-based agents as well. We have been committed to employing home-based people like you since 1998. Alpine Access values the relationship with each agent enough to make them employees of the company. We do so because an employee relationship creates a stronger connection and greater loyalty for our clients and our employees. Having an employee who is excited about their work and feels valued in their job is necessary for them to deliver a better level of service to our clients and their customers.

Unlike other work opportunities out there, we allow you to work from home. With Alpine Access, you can expect to be paid for all of the time you work - not on a per-minute or per call basis where, if calls don’t come in, you don’t make money. Further, we pay for application processing, background checks and for training. As employees of Alpine Access, you will experience a different kind of job, working from the comfort of your own home-office.


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