October 17, 2007

Storm Window Installation Home Business

This idea may be a good one if you are looking to start a home business with your spouse. Also, the location where you live would help you determine if this is a profitable business. The colder and stormier weather locales would obviously be best for this business. The basis of the business would be providing homeowners with the service of installing storm windows in the fall, and removing the windows in the spring. Advertise slowly with fliers, business cards, and small publication ads. Invest more as the business grows. You could try offering optional services like window cleaning and repair. This is a seasonal type of business, but with advertising and optional services added as your business grows, it could become more of a year round business. Start up costs would be minimal, with equipment like ladders and hammers and screwdrivers. If you think this is a service that is needed in your area, explore the idea some more!!

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