October 20, 2007

Blog Break

Ah...I took an unplanned but much needed break from blogging yeterday (and most of today!). Between my writing, my blogging, my researching work at home opportunities, and of course my three kids, I was burning out. I figured I needed a break when I realized I was sitting in front of my computer and just staring at the screen. Eh. No typing, no reading, just staring. So, I took a break. Friday about noon or so, I stopped everything, turned off the computer ( wow...that was actually kind of hard to do, but once I did, I felt great!), and did not work the rest of the day. I played with my kids, did some shopping ( fun!) with my daughter, and went out to dinner with my guys (previously mentioned daughter was at a birthday party). Yeah for time off! Today I concentrated only on my writing articles for Associated Content. I am going to take some designated time away from the computer more often. Blog Breaks. Sometimes you just gotta have one!

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