October 23, 2007

Fire in The Blog!

Not quite, thank-goodness, but pretty close! Wow! What a terrible last few days it has been here in Southern California! We have been on fire watch here, with cars packed and ready to go. Watching flames lashing around is spooky and surreal. We are immensely grateful that today, Tuesday, all is relatively calm here by our home in Santa Clarita, and flames have subsided. I pray it stays that way, and that all the fires throughout S. Cal are contained quickly. I also am praying for all those who did lose homes, and those awaiting word. I have been away from my computer for the most part the last few days....but I' hoping that flames stay subdued today, and things will return to some sort of normalcy in the next couple of days.

I sincerely hope everyone is well and safe , and out of fire danger as well today.

Be safe!

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