October 16, 2007

Garage Sale With a Twist

Here's a thought I had re: garage sales. I am not a garage sale sort of person. But I have lots of garage worthy items cluttering up my garage. I know that many people are in to having garage sales. So, a connection can be made where an enterprising garage sale person collects garage sale items from other homeowners. Advertise in local publications your service. Free pick-up of donated items, or one low low price for a homeowner's unwanted items collecting dust in the attic, or even offer to sell their items "on consignment" at your next garage sale. Check out thrift stores and other yard sales to increase your "inventory" as well. You could become a "garage sale entrepeneur". Sound crazy or feasible? Maybe you know of someone who already does this and you could share here? It's just a thought I had earlier today while manuvering through my completely disorganized and jam-packed garage. What do you think?

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