October 9, 2007

Get Paid To Tutor Online

This sounds exciting! You can be a tutor online from your own home. The company is called Tutor.com. There are no fees or costs to sign up with this company. There is an application you fill out online, and some other requirements that need to be completed. You receive training and preparation if you are accepted as a tutor. Right now the demand for tutoring is high, and it's a good time to get started with the application process if this is something that interests you. You can schedule the hours and days you wish to tutor, but apparently between 4 and 11pm are the busiest times and you would do well. Pay is every fourth business day of the month, and is based on the hours you have done. You are paid as an independent contractor, which means taxes are not taken out of your paycheck, but you pay them at tax time using the 1099 form. If I apply, I will share about it here...and I'd love to hear from anyone that does work for this company, or has applied! Sounds like this would be a great opportunity to earn an income working from home. Tutoring Online...go check it out!

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