October 10, 2007

Drop Shipping

I have so many sites bookmarked...blogs upon blogs and such! I think I could easily spend a week doing absolutely NOTHING but reading on the sites I have bookmarked. There is just so much information and good ideas out there in the blogosphere...it is almost overwhelming to new bloggers like me! But today I wanted to make sure I did go back to a site that I had bookmarked earlier in the week. Because the holidays are fast approaching, and with the holidays comes shopiing, I thought this might be interesting as a working from home opportunity for someone.
The site is called shopster. Shopster is a complete online business solution for people who would like to have their own online store to sell merchandise online. You design your store site, and pick what merchandise you want to offer. Products sold on your store are delivered by Shopster to your customers and you determine your profit for each sale when you set your selling price. There are over 700,000 products to choose from when you are deciding what you will sell. You can also sell Shopster warehouse products on sites like Ebay, Overstock, and Yahoo stores.
You pay a monthly fee of $29.99, and a one time set up fee of $99.00. There is a free 7 day trial, and you can stop at anytime if you want to. No contracts of any kind.

So, if this sounds interesting to you, go to the site and read all about it. I do not have the $$ to join Shopster, but I wish I did! It will be something I will keep on my list to possibly check out again in a couple of months. If anyone already uses shopster, share your experiences. I'd love to hear about it!

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