October 2, 2007

Home Business Idea

If you are a creative sort and are always working on craft projects, an arts and craft homebased business could be just the thing for you! There are several sites, besides Ebay, where you can sell your handmade treasures. You can check out the forums at these craft sites, and get some very good information from members. You can become a member and then ask questions on the forums and probably get all the answers you need! You can ask for opinions on your craft idea, ask for opinions about pricing and promoting, etc. A good site to check out if you are considering starting a business selling your handmade crafts and products is etsy. You can sell your crafts on that site as well as buy. There is a great forum to meet other craft members on, and you can do some great and cheap research before deciding if this is a business for you.
SEW....go check them out! ( sorry- just couldn't resist!)

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