October 1, 2007

October Goals

My goals for October.

I plan to increase my writing with associated content each day, except maybe Sunday. I am thinking of trying to cut work completely out on Sundays, or keep it to a bare minimum.

I plan to work my GPT sites every day ( or night), and to consistently put effort into the referral side of these sites. I hope to make a minimum of $100 from my GPT sites combined, in October.

I also plan to complete my necessary reviews for Shared Reviews and make $100 for October with that site.
I also have a goal of one enzine article a week, and one blog carnival a week.
I have decided to firmly push myself to get up at 5:30 every morning. I can get so much accomplished during a couple of quiet hours in the morning than I can all day running back and forth from computer to kids!

And I plan to keep my list of "To Do" things with me every time I am at the computer. I want to work on my list every week. As it is now, I tend to write things down, and forget about them. I want to actively pursue one item on my "To Do" list each day.

I am not putting my goals in stone however. I would love to make as much money as I possibly could, and there are days that I am so engaged in my online ventures that I could easily work all day if I could, but my kids are my priority. And I am my own boss, hehe, so I can take time off whenever I need or want to! Money goals may not get met to the exact penny, but if my kids are happy and content, I have really accomplished my true goal.

October is one of my favorite months of the year! I love the colors, the breezes and colder weather! Fireplaces and Halloween and the anticipation of upcoming holidays ....definitely some of my favorite things.

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