October 11, 2007

"Mommy NO Work!"

Oh Boy...is this day one of "those" days or what for me? I think my 3 yr.old, who NEVER wants to eat, has decided that today will be his day to eat and make-up eat for all the days he has skipped eating! He has been eating literally nonstop since he got up at 8:30. Sheesh, this is a good thing, the boy needs calories, but...I am not able to get any work done. I make pancakes, sit him happily at the table, run change my little one's diaper, put him in the playpen(I know, bad), then run to my laptop. I barely was sitting down, and I hear, "Mom! more pancakes!" Oh well. Next, was pasta. Then came juice. Now, crackers. I have to smile though...it is such a treat to see my little guy eating so well. Must be a giant growth stage going on.
So, inbetween his eating, he tells me "No Work Mommy!" Of course, I had just sat down once again with the hopes of actually accomplishing one task. "But mommy needs to work to make money," I tell him. "why?" "I don't want money, I want my mommy!" I got off the computer. Yup. Closed down shop. And hugged my little guy tight. So small, but so darn wise. So, he is happily watching one of his favorite videos now. He had his fill of mommy time, I guess. So, here I am , back on my computer, trying to focus, and not feel like a horrible mommy. Ah...what's a mommy to do?

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