October 1, 2007

Review of last week's goals

OK...here goes. My last goals I wrote down were:

Get more structure/organization with my work
Participate in a blog carnival at least once a week
Read more about adsense and optimization
repot on 1-2 work at home opportunities for moms and anyone else interested in a work from home income.
Get up at 5:30 every morning.

How I did:

I actually got a little bit more organized, but not nearly as much as I need to be and want to be. I have found that keeping a notebook with me at all times helps so much. Ideas come and go quickly in my mind....I can have an "ah" moment, that is quickly erased by an "oh oh, Mommy, I need you!" moment. So I have learned that jotting down a word or two quickly will help keep those fleeting ideas from forever being lost.

I did submit another blog entry to a blog carnival this week. I plan to keep that up.

I did some reading about adsense again, and have found some great information about optimizing. I hope to get my information pulled together and post some great stuff for anyone who may want to read and get some tips.

I did report on Working From Home opportunities I came across. I want to provide as many possibilities for moms looking to earn money online while working at home. My main goal is to have my blog be a resource for moms looking to work from home.
Here is a recap of WAHM Opportunities I have come across:

Treasure Trooper
Cash Crate
Shared Reviews
Mineral Girlz
Associated Content
Send Out Cards

Getting up at 5:30 every morning...not so much! That was hard. I did get up this morning by 5:30..woohoo, and what a difference! I actually got so much accomplished by the time the kids started waking up. I am really going to have to push myself on this goal !!

That is my review of my goals....next post will be about my new goals for this week.

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