November 14, 2007

HubPages: Another Opportunity To Earn Money Working From Home

Here is an online site that is looking for freelance writers to write "How To" articles, and other articles with information ranging from recipes to relationships. You own the content you write, which is nice because you can still submit it to other sites/publications. Basically, you will take 4 steps to start:

Create an account (Free, and takes a few minutes)
Pick a title for your "Hub" (article)
Add content (Text, Photos, Links, etc.)

Your article is published as a rich web page you have written and designed. The webpage is referred to as a "Hub".
Writers are referred to as "Hubbers" ( don't ask me why??)

Each time you want to write another article, you'll create another hub. You will have the ability and tools to add pictures, videos, and links.

How will I make money?

You set up affiliate accounts with Google, Ebay, and Amazon. Hubpages earns revenues from the ads these affiliates place ( for Ebay and Amazon, you pick the products to highlight on your "Hub"), and Hubpages splits the revenues with you. More traffic, more revenue, more income you earn. There is a much more detailed description of the program on the website. Here is some information from Hubpages' website:

"Launched in August 2006, HubPages has drawn tremendous traffic to the over 45,000 articles written on various topics. Almost 4 million people visit HubPages every month, mostly from search engines such as Google and Yahoo - a reflection of our articles' quality.

HubPages's high visibility with search engines and high caliber of content quality also make it an ideal showcase of your writing talents. Hundreds of freelance writers add their HubPages writing to their online portfolios and resumes.

No HTML or blog programming knowledge is necessary. Our simple authoring tool works similarly to Microsoft Word, but you can also easily add pictures, YouTube videos, and news and RSS feeds.

Writers earn 60% of the advertising revenue generated by ads displayed on the articles they write. Many of our authors are earning hundreds (and, a few, thousands) of dollars a month on what they've already written."

If you want to check this site out more, and read more about writing and making money, check them out at

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