November 28, 2007

A Green Home Business Idea

"Going Green" is important to the environment in so many ways, and to our children's futures. With all the focus going on these days about ways to be green, and ways to protect our environment, it is an excellent time to start a home based cloth diaper service.

New Parents and Parents-To-Be are faced with diapering choices. Cloth diapers or disposable diapers. I believe a strong deterrent in choosing the cloth diapers is the inconvienence. Mainly--the laundering of the diapers. So much easier and quicker to toss the disposable into the trash.

A diaper delivery service can offer a perfect solution for parents that really want to do the green choice and use cloth diapers, but may not have the time or energy needed to keep the diapers laundered.

You can do your delivery service and launder the diapers as well ( maybe hire some help when your business grows !), or take the dirty diapers to a commercial cleaners to have them cleaned.

You can locate new clients for your Cloth Diapering Service through resources such as local hospitals, Lamaze Classes/Teachers, Midwives, and Doula Services. New moms often get baskets of goodies from the hospital as they prepare to go home with their new baby; Ask the hospital if they would like to include a gift certificate for free cloth diaper service for a week. Baby showers are another good way to spread the word about your new business.

There is a great site full of resources and information on setting up a home business in cloth diaper services.

And an added perk to this business: The cutest clients ever!!

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