November 28, 2007

Christmas Lights and My Achy Achy Back

Well, our Christmas lights are up, and if I may say so, look quite nice! Guess who did the stringing up along the roof and gutters while perched nervously atop the ladder? Yours truly, of course. LOL...I can't really blame my hubby because my kids (me too!) are not of the patient nature and I decided we just couldn't wait another day, let alone the weekend--which is when my hubby could maybe have been able to help out--for our outdoor lights to go up. So, with my 3 year old coaching me, my 1 year old laughing at silly mommy up on some strange looking thing, and my 10 year old directing and advising me, I got all the lights up! I am proud but very sore tonight.

I'm used to my hubby, who is a carpenter, having the aches and joint pains, not me. But tonight I am feeling sore and achy and my poor old joints are a hurting. Kind of wish I had started my yoga routine a long time ago. Anyway, I checked around for advice and such on relief for joint pain, and found something that looks like it might work. I am much more inclined to try remedies for my family that are natural, and so I was happy to find a nutritional supplement that says will ease joint pain naturally, and even help improve joint function. We will see! The cool thing is this supplement has ingredients that are also supposed to help rebuild damaged cartilege, which is exactly what my husband needs as he has a bad knee from college football days that still acts up and causes a lot of pain and discomfort. Maybe with a supplement and my yoga exercise,if I can persuade hubby to join me doing them each morning,we will get our old bones and joints to behave and work like we want them to.

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