November 8, 2007

Home Business, Kids, and Clocks

Working from Home with small kids feels a lot like playing "Beat the Clock!". My day is chopped up into a million segments. Type two words, go make a bottle. Type four words, go make a peanut butter sandwich. Research on computer for two minutes, go take 3 yr. old to the bathroom. Curse myself for not bookmarking the website I had previously found with the afore mentioned important research. Go get 3 yr. old off the toilet; Remove my curious one year old from the shower stall where he is happily playing. Turn on Blues Clues. Run back to computer, sit down. Breathe. Place one finger on key board, poised to strike a key. Stop. Go back downstairs to console crying one year old who has just had his favorite blanky confiscated by grinning three year old. Turn off Blue. Hold one year old on lap while typing and singing the Alphabet song with three year old who is coloring in coloring book by my feet. Actually accomplish some work this way. Yea. And so it goes. The clock is always ticking, and I know my minutes alone at my computer are invaluable. I feel like a marathon runner most days...sweaty and out of breath, but also pushing myself much harder and farther than I used to think I was capable of. Working from home is alot like playing beat the clock, but I love it!

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