November 8, 2007

How To Make Some Extra Christmas Money?

How about a little brainstorming on ideas to make some quick extra cash for Christmas shopping?

Ebay. Now is a great time to sell on Ebay because so many people are Christmas shopping! Take inventory of things around your home you no longer use, but are in good condition, and list them. Scour garage sales and thrift shops for some great buys, and then list those things on Ebay. If you are creative, make a product and list it on eBay and see what happens. Not sure of whta you can sell? Go to Ebay and cruise around all the auctions for a while and get ideas on things that other sellers are selling. You may not normally do Ebay, but at Christmas Time, this is a good and easy way to make some extra cash quickly.

Garage Sale
Spend a Saturday morning having a garage sale and pick up some cash. Maybe you can get some extra "inventory" from friends and relatives if you offer to go clean out their garages ( or send your hubby to do it while you make garage sale signs, smirk!)

Unclaimed Cash Go to and do a search for any unclaimed cash that you may be entitled to. Hey---you never know!

I will try and list a few more ideas for making some extra Christmas money tomorrow and through the next week. Anyone else with ideas...please feel free to share!

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