November 9, 2007

A Mommy's Home Business Success Story

This is for inspiration! Read it, enjoy it, and get inspired by it!

Grace Welch came up with a new design for a changing pad for babies. It is a unique
look on an old product. Tired of the standard rectangular baby changing
pads, Grace designed a circular one. It is the innovative "patemm pad".
And it is the world's only round changing pad. Grace sold her product
exclusively online on her website for several years. Then Grace was
featured on OPRAH. Grace now sells thePatemm Pad through Target and
select boutiques and retailers. Visit Grace's website and see her product,
read more about her story, and get inspired!! Remember, this mommy
started out selling her product on her website....developed a "cult
following" ( as Grace calls it), and created a buzz in the media.

Challenge yourself this weekend! Keep a notebook handy, and jot down
any and all creative ideas that pop in to your thoughts. Add any ideas
that you've had in the back of your head, and just never gave any
action to.Make your list, then select the one or two that really grab know, the ones that make you get tingly and excited. Make a
plan. Write down six things you can do EVERY DAY to get your idea from being just an idea to becoming a reality. Let's motivate and encourage each other. We can all be successful "mommypreneurs"...just like Grace!

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