November 12, 2007

Writing for Associated Content

I write articles for associated content, and as far as working from home goes, AC has been a good source of steady income. I just had an article published this morning, and within an hour, I had about 7 or so comments on my article! I get notified of new comments via email. Getting comments is not new, but it is suprising for me anyway to get comments that quickly and frequently. So I decided to check the AC website to see what was going on. I mean, it is just an article about junk mail..nothing exciting or controversial. So why was I getting new comments every time I checked my email? I had a hunch, and so I checked it out at the AC website. Yes! My little article is in the "Featured Article " site on the front page. And, it is listed first..."The Junk Stops Here"... Wow...I am excited! I don't know how AC picks articles to feature on the front page, but I am so happy they picked one of mine. Associated Content is worth taking a look at for any moms or dads wanting to find a way to make money from home. You can make money with upfront payments that associated offers you to publish your article, and you can continue to make money with your articles by "page views"--which means that each time someone reads your article, you can make money. There are alot of good resources and information on the AC forums on how to promote your articles. Associated Content---check them out!

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