November 19, 2007

Online Selling

Setting up your own online store for selling things like pet supplies, baby products, etc.. is one way a lot of people are working from home. I don't know very much about selling products online, or running an online store,but I have come across many work at home moms that are doing this, and loving it. It's another added stream of income that you can add to other things you may be doing already. I checked out a site, Ashop Commerce, that offers everything needed in the way of ecommerce software and support to set up your own online store. The site offers a free 10 day trial so you can try it out and see what you think before spending any money. Ashop Commerce offers shopping cart software for small businesses just starting out, as well as medium sized businesses. The website says that even a beginner (like me!) can set up and run an online shopping cart easily! Plus, they offer tutorial movies to help guide you along the way as you set up your store. Just reading through their website made me feel more confident and excited to maybe start my own online store. There are so many cute online stores on the Internet and it looks like it could be a fun way to earn some extra income. If your site is set up professionally and has features like safe credit card payment options, it can basically be earning money 24 hours a day! I am going to think about this more during the holidays, and maybe actually give it a try when the new year starts. Now, I just need to figure out what I could sell!

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