November 15, 2007

Relaxation Tips For The Overwhelmed Work at Home Mommy (or Daddy!)

I read an article tonight on about ways to relieve stress when working from home. With 3 kids and 5 dogs, it gets kind of noisy(to say the least), and hectic at our house. These are some stress buster ideas from the article that I am going to try, asap!

Get more sleep and rest. You will be more in control and be more productive if you take time to recharge your battery. Makes sense to me----I'll be off to bed shortly!

When stress levels are rising---do some deep breathing. For at least 3-5 minutes, lay down or sit down and close your eyes. Take deep slow breaths.

Try some Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Mentally go up and down the body relaxing each body part in turn.

Eat lunch away from your desk. Try a picnic with the kids.

Hug and kiss your kids (I know when they hug and kiss me first I instantly feel better)

Play hookey once in a while. Even if it's for half a day, or just a few hours of the day. Go for a walk, or take the kids to the park.

Remember to think about your successes. After all, running a business while taking care of kids and navigating piles of laundry is something to be proud of!

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