November 16, 2007

Smorty ------- Get Paid To Blog

I am pretty excited. My blog was approved for blog advertising through a service called Smorty. Advertisers like to advertise on blogs, and will pay bloggers. Smorty is a service that connects advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers need bloggers to review their sites and/or products, and write opinions of them. Bloggers then post their opinions on their blogsite. Once the advertiser approves the post, payment is made. You get paid weekly, which is very cool, through Paypal. I am really looking forward to this opportunity to make money by blogging. With the holidays almost here, I can use the extra money!
There are some requirements for your blog to be approved. Some of the requirements include being indexed by Google and Yahoo, and the blog must be at least 3 months old. If you happen to be a blogger and your blog meets these requirements ( there are some more as well), you should go to the website and check it out. Start a blog now, if you don't have one, and apply with Smorty after 90 days. Just make sure to keep your blog active and informative with new posts every week.
I submitted my blog for approval and received my approval within 24 hours. It's free to set up and maintain an account with Smorty,and I was able to pick an advertising campaign as soon as I had my approval. I am pretty pleased right now----I get to post my opinions (which I already enjoyed doing anyway!), and now get paid for doing so!

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