November 26, 2007

Home for the Holidays

So we are back home from our Thanksgiving travels. It actually feels good to be home though I enjoyed our family gathering tremendously. No computer for 4 days! Hehe...just the thought made me stressed and distraught the first few hours away. But now, I can honestly say I am so greatful that this was the case. The quality time with my kids was immeasurable, and my husband was very happy as well. Even if I thought I could be firm and disciplined and not spend more than 20 minutes or so on the computer each day, chances are that wouldn't of happened. Besides, 20 minutes each day not spent with my family while on vacation would have been not good.

We were in of my most favorite places ever! The air is wonderful and the ocean right there in front of you while gorgeous pine trees and forest is behind you is beyond nature at its best. We shopped in the charming little town, walked the beach collecting shells and shiny stones, gazed at the outrageously gorgeous sunsets every night, and ate too much and drank too much with our extended family every night. Our rental had a view of the crashing waves from most of the windows and decks, and we woke up every morning to the sounds of the ocean and seagulls.

It is good to be home though. There really just is no place like home, mushy as that sounds, lol. So, on to Christmas we go. Today we will get out decorations and lights, and get to work. I think today I am going to try and add some ideas to my earlier post about brainstorming for some extra Christmas shopping money.

BTW, we saw someone driving home yesterday with a christmas tree tied to the will they keep that tree fresh until Christmas?? Its always fun to spot the first car with a Christmas tree on the road...really makes me feel like it's Christmas. But how will they keep it fresh?

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