November 30, 2007

The Wedding Planner .... A Business For You?

If you are the kind of person who loves planning parties right down to the last detail, who loves dealing with people, and are very organized and outgoing, a wedding consultant business might be just right for you.

Holidays are always a big time for engagements. So now could be a good time to seriously start thinking about a wedding planner/consultant business if you are inspired by the thought. What's nice about a wedding planner business is that you can run it from home. If you are excited by the business of planning and coordinating weddings, but really are not sure how to get into the business, there's a couple of ideas you could try:

Consider learning about the business and all the details involved, by working for a professional first. You could offer to work as an apprentice/intern and gain valuable hands-on experience. Check with local wedding consultants in your area to see if any are looking for help with pay, and if not, if any would be willing to take on an apprentice/intern.

If you are lucky enough to know a friend or family member getting married soon, try organizing the wedding for them. Get lots of photographs from the photographer, and letters of recommendation from the bride. This could be a great way to begin your portfolio.

One of the most essential aspects of running a wedding consultant business is being knoweledgable about the vendors that provide food, beverages, entertainment, clothing, and supplies for weddings within your region.

It is important to know who is available and what they charge, and to be acquainted with their reputations. Establish relationships with your potential suppliers and be aware of the best possible prices for buying items in bulk. Brides will usually want the best they can have for their special day, and it will fall on the wedding planner's shoulders to fufill that wish. A wedding planner's best friend can be a great supplier, such as Truly Wedding Favors that offers Internet access, unique supplies and favors, and instant bulk pricing.

To promote your business, try signing up with freelance job sites and place your profile on their sites. You can also take classes via the Internet on wedding consultation. Just search the web under Bridal Consultant Courses. When you create your resume, having some kind of course work and training could give you an edge over the competition.

Plan to start slowly. A business takes time to grow and become established. Word of mouth will be your best advertising, so you will want to keep your client, the bride, as happy as possible.

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