December 6, 2007

Christmas Gifts That Are Unique

I am trying to do some of my Christmas shopping online this year. It is so hard to go out shopping with my two little "elves", that I try and limit the shopping trips to the times when my hubby can go with us.

So I have been cruising around the Internet, and I am very excited to have found something online that is fun and unique in the way of Personalized Gifts. There are these great pillows and blankets that I can have personalized with my kids(aw...they are SOOO adorable, my kids....who wouldn't love this, hehe)beautiful pictures! Now I know Grandma would love a blanket for keeping cozy with her grandchildren's cute faces on it, and I also know Grandma doesn't have anthing like that! So, I am stoked! I'll run it by hubby ( it is his mom )when he comes home, but I think this will be a winner. Also, for my daughter, the greatest animal lover of all time ( have I mentioned that we have 5 dogs....5...and my sweet girl is begging for a kitten for Christmas...hmmm...)I am tempted to go take a picture of all our doggies, and have a special pillow made for her bed. I just love shopping at Christmastime especially when I find stuff that I know will be hits!

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