December 10, 2007

Earn Some Extra Money At By Home Sharing Your Wisdom

Have some "epiphanies" lately? Or do you have some words of wisdom to share with others?

You can share your light- hearted "epiphanies" or "moments of Truth" at an online web site called

The website states these requirements for submissions:

1. It must be based on an actual experience.
2. It must be funny, clever or insightful.
3. It should not be in the form of a “this is the way it is” or “this is the way it should be” lecture. Rather, it must help the reader to gain an “epiphany” or represent an “epiphany” on the part of the writer.
4. It must meet the “So what?” test. In other words, it must be significant.
5. It must not be offensive.
6. It must be original.

If your submission gets posted, the site will pay you $10.00.

So...if you are wise and funny at the same time...go check out the site and maybe make some extra money at home by writing your own pearls of wisdom!

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