December 10, 2007

Home Business----With The Body Shop At Home Opportunity

The Body Shop has been around since 1976, and their stores can be found in malls everywhere. This is a well known and trusted company providing cosmetics to women internationaly. The Body Shop offers women the opportunity to run their own home business by becoming an Independent Consultant with the company.

If you love all things beauty, this could be something worth checking into. You do need to purchase a beauty kit, and you have a choice between the standard kit and the deluxe kit. During December, The Body Shop is offering the Deluxe Kit for half price--instaed of $220, you'll pay $110. Each kit has more than $600 worth of products. So, not too bad of an investment.

The Body Shop has a strict policy about not testing their products on animals....something you can feel very good about! Also, they have a Community Trade Program and buy ingredients from small-scale farmers at fair prices.

If you want to check their consultant opportunities out some more, here is the website. Just click on the section at the top, "The BodyShop At Home" for more info on their consultant program!

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