January 4, 2008

Beijo Handbags.....Entrepeneur Inspiration and A Work from Home Opportunity

I love reading stories about successful women entrepeneurs and the businesses they have started. There is probably nothing more inspiring to me than to read about the accomplishments that women achieve through determination, hard work, passion, and the strength to never give up.
I wanted to share the story of Susan Handley, founder of Beijo, a home party business that sells chic affordable handbags. Handley has sales reps now totaling appx. 1000, and projected gross sales for 2007 is at $25 million. Susan shares how she had a passion for handbags since she was a little girl; Four years ago, she discovered how to channel her passion into a rewarding and lucrative business. Susan explains how she felt dissatisfied with her daily job,her lack of savings, having to find babysitters for her then six year old son, and all the frustartions of being a hard-working single mom with no passion and joy in her daily life.You can read Susan's story on her website, and you can also explore the options of hosting a home party, and/or becoming a sales associate. I urge you to read Susan's story...it will bring a smile to your face and heart, and some tingly inspiring feelings to your soul! If you share Susan's passion for purses, maybe this will be a fit for you!
Check it out here.

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