January 6, 2008

Work At Home As An Appearance Judge

Hmmm...sounds interesting and definitely different. There is a website
that apparently will give you an appraisal of your appearance based on
photos you send in.Their purpose is intended to give people an
opportunity to privately gain an honest and accurate appraisal of one's
looks. Guess you would need to be a little brave and a lot curious to
make use of this service, eh, something I'm not. But it seems that
there are people who do want to use this type of service. Anyway, the website company, based in Cupertino, California, is looking for judges. This is their job listing information:

"Appearametrics Inc, the world's first professional Personal Appearance Assessment company, is looking for candidates to fill our Judge positions. Judges view images of our customers and provide ratings based on our standardized methodology.

Being an Appearametrics Judge is fun and easy! You work when and where you want to; all that is required is a computer with an internet connection. Judges are paid per assessment and make between $10-$12 an hour rating the appearance of other people.

This is a nationwide opportunity."

Here is the link to the website. Check it out, and make sure you get all information you want if you decide to apply. Sounds interesting and perhaps is an opportunity to work from home and earn some money, just be certain to research and do your homework on this and any company you consider applying with!

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