January 22, 2008

Home Business Inspiration .... Organic Meal Delivery

Home Meal Delivery is an idea that is not new. There are lots of gourmet food delivery companies that deliver nationwide that can easily be found on the Internet. But putting a different spin on meal delivery can help create a home business for a serious cooking/chef entrepeneur. A local home made meal delivery service/personal chef business can be much more attractive to busy moms than a service located in another state that offers delivery of frozen entrees nationwide.
Three Potato Four is an organic meal delivery service that is based in San Francisco. This company is unique in that not only are all the meals prepared with organic ingredients, but their meal delivery system is all green as well. Instead of using platic or styrofoam containers, they use reusable glassware to deliver their meals in.
Every week a full menu of delicious (sounds yummy anyway!)meals for the week are delivered to customer's doors. The glassware from previous deliveries is collected at the time a new delivery is made.

A small scale local personal chef/meal delivery service could be something to think about if you are looking for a home business to start this year, and you love cooking and all things food!

For some inspiration, check out Three Potato Four!

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